For your well-being during your stay, Boulogne-sur-Mer marina offers various services.

Our team will be pleased to give you help if you need to get a taxi, to book in a restaurant, to know bus or train timetable…) but also to give you great recommandation on what to do and visit in Boulogne, best restaurants and bars in town. Feel free to ask !

All these services are available for you to use

Club House The Club House, within 5 minutes’ walk of all shops (bakeries, supermarkets, restaurants etc).
Partsnership Many partnerships with local commerces including shipchandlers, bakeries, restaurants, delicatessen shop, car rental, wine shop and more. Find out here our great deals that the marina staff has negociated for you
Showers and toilets Toilets and showers (access with card, given after registration at the marina office)
Washing Machines & Dryers Laundry: 2 washing machines and 2 dryers are available to use.
Electricity Electricity (220V / 16A) included, available from terminals on all the pontoons
Fresh water Fresh water, accessible from the installation on each pontoon
wifi A free WIFI network allows you to connect to the Internet on the outer harbour and the Napoleon Basin.
waste sorting area Waste sorting area: on each basin, the waste sorting area helps protect the environment.
wastewater pumping station Wastewater pumping station
weather forecast Meteorology: a weather bulletin is displayed once a day at the Club House informing you of the different variations and weather changes.
Trolleys 2 trolleys at your disposal in each basin to carry on luggage or heavy stuff
Bike rack Bike rack located outside the marina office (also available in Napoleon basin)
Baby corner Baby corner.
Automated external defibrillator Automated external defibrillator (AED) located outside the marina office
Animals allowed Animals allowed.

Additional services

Diesel pump Diesel pump, accessible with boat 3h before up to 3h after high tide during marina office opening hours.
Also possible with cans at any time.
Grounded grill Careening gril
Aire carénage Careening area
Elevator 35T Elevator